Monday, December 27, 2010

Logo? :)

So I've been wanting to make a logo for quite some time now for my photography.
I got Photoshop for Christmas, 
So I'm putting it into good use :)
This is what I came up with...

Some people thought that the first one looked like marijuana, which made me sad... :(
So I made a yellow one too.
I actually think I like the yellow one better.
But I like them both.
I hope you do too! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas :)

Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' birth.
The gift God gave us.
As for the reason we give gifts.
To show love for one another and to honor the gift of Jesus.
It's wonderful :)
I love giving gifts!
Everyone's reaction is so worth it :)
Of course I have fun with the gifts I receive, but giving is where it's at.

A very important gift to me was my purity ring.
Sadly, I lost my previous one in the snow at school :(
Don't ask how it happened. But it's gone and it was weird not having a ring on my finger.
So I kindly asked for a new one to keep that symbol of my purity.
I love it :)

On the inside it says "I will wait for"
and then on the outside it says "my beloved."

Love. Love. Love.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Every Christmas our family makes sugar cookies and decorate them however we please.
I always seem to take a long time to decorate mine.
I get an average of five cookies while the rest of the family whips out ten.
I like to make them artistic!
So sue me.
It's fun though, one of my favorite traditions for sure.

Here's one I'm most proud of :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Been A While...

I haven't updated in a longgg time.
I've been busy! 
So here I am.
So, life's good. How about yourself?
I'm a smiley kid lately. 
My camera is still somewhere being fixed.
Last week I went to Portland with Briana, Jessi, Laura, and Megan to go see Brea at Multnomah and such :) it was a fun-filled day!
Lots of memories and it was so great to spend time with awesome close friends.
I love them all to death.

Starting to miss school a little. Weird huh?
Still enjoying the time I have with family though.
Christmas in 4 days!
Yay for Jesus being born :D

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mountain Dew Obviously Makes You Hyper

So Annika had a surprise party for her friend.
She came back hyped up on sugar and caffeine from 3 cups of mountain dew.
She had some extra streamers.
So of course we hung some up to make a smiley face.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Soooo we re-arranged our room!
It took a lot of work.
And I did all the heavy lifting stuff while Annika stood and stared me.

It was successful though and we like it a lot better.
Our room is clean now too. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010


So basically.
It's 2 am.
Given, it's a friday night.
But i'm tired.
And it's hard to go to sleep with our noisy neighbors.
But it's alright.
Gives me time to...think.

So question.
What in life makes you happy?

Surprisingly this can actually be a difficult question for some.
For me, God is the center of all happiness.
He gives direction.
Sometimes I admit it's hard for me to spend time with Him.
I forget, caught up in daily things.
But it's important that I do.

Family. People I can turn to whenever life's beatin' the crap outta me.
Photography. Another thing that makes me happy. My passion.
Good friends. They tend to stick around me for a long time. I'm lucky.

When you really think about the life that you have, I know you're blessed because everyone is in one way or another. Keep in perspective what makes you..YOU.
Don't hesitate one bit about who you are.
God made you who you are and He has that plan that He will lead you to.
Trust. In. Him.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let's Not Be Unhealthy

One of the things that bug me is being unhealthy.
I don't like to eat things that are bad for you.
But fries honestly is the exception...don't know why..they just get me.
But besides that! I don't eat unhealthy.
Annnnd, I try to exercise on a regular basis.
But I have a confession:

I didn't work out for two weeks! Ah!
My excuse is that it was Thanksgiving so I was home for one week.
Thennn it was cold and didn't wanna walk to the gym when its snowy...
Yeah my excuses ain't too good.

BUT. I worked out today :)
SO. This is where I get back on track.
And winter quarter I signed up for fast fitness. 
That means I get a grade for exercising.
Done deal.

One week until Christmas break!

Hmmm..that means I should work out every day until break...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Christmas Blizzard

It's snowing.
A lot.
Like major flakes.
Do I like? ....Eh.
It's cold.
I do like looking at it out my window though.
One week left.

Good news.
My camera is in the process of getting fixed.
Only one more week I have to deal without it.
Bad news.
It's gonna cost a good $165.
That's my feelings.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Breaks, Aches, and Broken Cameras

Yay for breaks.
Got a nice, well-needed break for Thanksgiving.
Got to see family and eat delicious food.
It was definitely a good break from eating all the nasty food at school.
And it's only a week and a half before I get to go back home!
I also got my job back for Christmas break.
So yay for me, I get to earn money.

I did however get a cold.
I was sneezing and my nose was stuffy.
My head was achey.
So I bought Nyquil. Yum.

Finally found a place to take my camera into.
I'll know by tomorrow what's wrong with it and how long it will take before I get it back.
Hopefully it's soon.
I miss taking pictures.

One of my older photos.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tag! Buddy's It.

This weekend was good :)
Sister, Brother, Jarett and Andrew came up for the weekend.
Thursday night was Harry Potter. Amazing.
Friday night was casual fun. 
Saturday morning the sibs went to a nice coffee date.
Saturday day consisted of movies and Whose Line Is It Anyway? with the Sister.

Saturday night = Laser tag.
Boom. Awesome.
Briana, Sister and I teamed up and semi-dominated.
Not really, we kinda sucked.
I was the worst sadly.
I'll get better.
But still major funnn! :)

Sunday morning, relaxed with the Sister.
Sunday day consisted of studying.
Tonight? Watching Elf and reading Psych.
Getting into Christmas spirit!

The best way to spread Holiday cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let it snow Harry Potter.

It snowed last night!
To be honest, I think my five-year old self appeared again this morning.
I was excited. 
Until I had to walk a long way to my class and my feet got wet.
Ah well, it was super pretty this morning.
It made me want my camera so much more.

Tonight is Harry Freaking Potter!
I am so exciteddd.

Sister gets to stay the weekend with me again.

Annika and I gave our Santa door hangy thing a makeover. 
He looks spiffy now.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Feet Are Gonna Fall Off

So today.
Annika and I really wanted to go to the dollar store to get Christmas lights.
We had no idea if they had them or not...
but neither of us have a car so we had to walk.
Just to downtown Cheney.
Not thatttt far. Right?
It was quite far. And walking back was worse cuz we went uphill.
My feet are tired.
Haha, but it's quite the great story.
And I will laugh about it when I'm done feeling like my legs are gonna fall off.


And the dollar store didn't even end up having Christmas lights.
So we got snowflakes and a Santa door hangy thing instead.
Yay Christmas time is coming soon!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Camera, I Miss You

So I haven't been able to use my camera for a good two weeks.
It's really upsetting and discouraging.
I want my camera back.
I can't survive on not taking any pictures.
And it turns out that it doesn't just need a new battery,
 there is actually something wrong with it.
I wish it would magically work again.
And I apologize for epically failing in not being able to post new pictures. 

I am so sad. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Little More Country Than That

So basically...I've decided that I was supposed to be born in the South.

1. I love country music more than anything, I am positive I love it more than Southern people do. 
2. I have a weakness for fried food.
3. I love and wear boots.
4. I love and wear flannels.
5. Sometimes when I speak, I say ain't.
6. I like small towns.
7. I like trucks.
8. I love homemade sweet tea.
9. I end words without the endin' (<--- like so).


Just a few of the reasons I came up with.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Homeward Bound

I got to go home this weekend!
Didn't go exactly how I imagined it would, but it was still really nice to be home.
Love my Momma's cookin'.
Love sleepin' in my own, more comfortable, bed.
My sister and I had planned Saturday to have sisterly bonding time, but she woke up with a 101 temperature :( it was a bummer I couldn't spend time with her like I wanted to. But we did watch Harry Potter together and I brought her home some Starbucks. 
Poor Sicko.

Grandma is in the hospital. Not sure of the reason.
 But she's in pain and prayers are always appreciated :/
So it was kind of a bitter sweet homecoming this weekend. 
Enjoyable but things just didn't go as planned. 
That's alright, home is home. 
Anyway, back to school.

15 days until Thanksgiving break.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today is Halloween

I came up with a Halloween poem.

Today is halloween.
All types of costumes can be seen.
The trees are orange.
and nothing rhymes with orange.
I wish I had candy.
It would be dandy.
I wish my camera would work.
So I could capture those who lurk.

I suck at poems.
But seriously it's Halloween and I'm excited, I hope tonight is fun and I am truly sorry that I can't show any good pictures of the fall-ey Halloween days. 
Hopefully I get a new battery soon.
Anyway ya'll I'm out.

Happy Halloween! :)

Friday, October 29, 2010


So it's Friday.
Thank goodness.
But now is the time to go find somethin' to do. And I live in Cheney, 
so we all know how hard it is to find something fun.
Still feelin' down in the dumps.
Hopefully things will look up soon, I'm missin' family.

One thing:
Photography is my passion. It's what I've wanted to do ever since middle school. 
It's the thing that keeps me going.
I get to see things through a whole different perspective and I get to show my creative side. 
I want to share with everyone the kind of work I can do. 
But I'm afraid no one sees it.
I'd like to think I have a talent, but I don't know how far I can go with it. 
My dream is to be a professional Wedding Photographer. 
I love seeing two people completely in love and the celebration behind it.
It's beautiful and I want to capture those moments. 
And even if I'm not the best photographer out there, I still love it and I will do anything I can to make me dream come true.

No matter how cheesy that sounds. 

I said I wouldn't have new pictures because of my troubling camera. So here's some older ones I took a while ago.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bad Luck Day

1. Couldn't get a ride home for Halloween weekend.
2. Back and stomach aching.
3. Camera not working properly (which means no new pictures for a while).
4. Had to start writing a 4-6 page essay.
5. Bracelet got untied and came off.
6. Tripped over a crack in the sidewalk...with plenty of witnesses.

I am living. I am loving. But today, I did not laugh much. 
Oh well.
Jeremiah 29:11.

"Love will protect
Love always hopes
Love still believes
When you don’t
Love is the arms that are holding you
Love never fails you"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Caught the Culprit

My capability of matching is high, thank you.

So there's a guy on my floor who thinks it's funny to pop out and scare people, and personally I agree, it's quite hilarious. He even scared Megan a floor below me from what I saw on Facebook...I gave him props. 
I witnessed him do it before a week or so ago. Last night we hear him scaring people all around our floor, then he knocks on our door. I'm not sure if he thought he was sneaky or what...but I swung the door open with my camera in hand :) 
Ha, he thought he was gonna scare me. 
He vowed though that he would scare me before the end of the year...

...bring it on Gorilla.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Polar Bear

I was super happy to be out of school friday, I wanted the weekend. Tired of waking up early to sit through boring lectures. 
Nick and DJ came up to visit. They make things entertaining... 
So we decided to go over to Cabela's on Saturday. Love this store. I'm an outdoorsy kinda girl, so honestly for me it's fun to look at everything.
 Last time I was there, my sister had a staring contest with the stuffed polar of course I took a picture of it to send to her. She hated me for being there without her. 
There's a place to get food inside Cabela's and they have some crazy menu items...such as ostrich and elk and wild boar. I had a sample of the ostrich..I felt a little bad eating an ostrich, but it actually wasn't too bad. 
Nick and DJ bought some things and as we were leaving, the detector went off. So they had to call us all back in to check the bags. They were fine so we went through. DJ and I made it through just fine. Nick however...
Let's just say he had to get searched. 
The girl who was checkin' to make sure he didn't steal anythin' was checkin all his pockets and in his coat. (and apparently, that's how she hits on guys? ..says one of her co-workers. HAHA) 
She ended up just letting us leave.
So later we went to Wal Mart. As soon as we walk through, Nick sets off the detector. So again, searchin' all his pockets. When we finally get in the store, Nick is checkin' to see what's up with settin' off all the detectors. Guess what he finds? In his coat is the magnet that you're supposed to remove after purchasing. 
Ohhhh Nicholas :)
Good times, good times. There was definitely a lot of laughter this weekend.

And by the way, here's my finished bracelet!


Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yesterday Annika and I went on an adventure hike to find this place her friend told her about. It was supposed to be pretty and cool lookin'. So we set out and it was really sunny so we were kinda roasting. We walked up this little pathway and at the end we found mars. Yeah seriously, it looked like a planet. There were even little circles that looked like space crafts had landed. I was imagining riding around in a little dune buggy. 

I saw this super cool butterfly that I wanted a picture of, but it would never land long enough for me to get one of it. So I took a picture of this desert-y flower instead. Sigh.

Today has been boring. But I liked my outfit. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've decided that I've been too boring.
So, I've been trying to come up with things to do to keep myself busy. Going to try and get back on my regular workout schedule like I did the summer before my senior year. I'm getting there, I am exercising at least three times a week so far. I will hopefully bring that up to five. Last night I played in my first intramural volleyball game! I haven't played in a while. I hope I didn't express my skills too much to my teammates before they saw me play...
We won though which was good. 
I also started making another bracelet, 

I like it so far. I'll post a picture of the finished bracelet sometime in the near future.

Got to sleep in until nine yesterday and today. But people in our hallway like to talk in their cute little outside voices (when they are clearly inside) until midnight so I got about the same amount of sleep as I usually do. Lame. 

I forgot to mention though, last week the girl that sits next to me in my women's studies class came in wearing a flannel. If you know me, I have a weakness/fetish for flannels. So I told her, "I like your shirt" with a big smile. She looked at me and gave me a huge smile and said thank you. She had such a pretty smile that I totally didn't expect. And it made me happy that I finally accomplished saying something to her. It almost seemed that it got her day off to a good start. Sure got my day off right. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is Your Sister Your Best Friend?

Because mine is!
So my sister came to stay with me for the weekend, I was super excited. Friday we went to the hockey game because it was breast cancer awareness and they dyed pink ribbons onto the ice. Not as cool as the Americans hockey team where they dye the whole rink pink. Haha but it was still pretty cool. Then we went back and watched She's The Man and ate popcorn. Good stuff.
Saturday we slept in til a time..possibly around noonish..who remembers!? ;) But we got ready and I gave Megan a tour of our campus and took some pictures. 

Then we waited for the bus to take us to spokane to do some shoppin'. We got to Macy's and couldn't find the entrance into the mall so we decided to go all the way around. Shh, we ain't stupid we just like to make things complicated...
Pretty much the only store we got super excited about in this mall was the cooking store, there were cool gadgets that we were allowed to try, so of course we did. And the whole store smelled like apple pie. So uh, yeah. YUM. That mall was a little boring so we decided to go out to the valley mall, which means taking another bus. We did. But while we waited for the next bus we went got starbucks and went to the park for funsies. We saw geese and this poor doggy that was tied up and left alone. 

Doesn't he look sad! :(

So we got out to the valley mall and hung out a majority of the time in Forever 21. Der. Best store ever. Bought a few things. And then we went to Rue21 and I bought a leather jacket! I look pretty fly. Haha. There were these aviator sunglasses for ten bucks at Nordstroms that I really wanted, but got stuck in deciding if I should get them since it's not summer and I didn't know if I would use them a whole lot in the winter...I am now regretting that I didn't snag them. Because they were awesome and I would look extra fly in my aviators and leather jacket...
So on the way back home we were waiting in the plaza for our bus and we wanted something to drink. But just get one to share. So there were vending machines, and there was a drink that was stuck. So Megan said "I'll get the one next to it." So she bought that one. And then realized, wait...why didn't I just buy the one behind the stuck one? So I pitched in a dollar to get that one. And it worked! We got the stuck one. So we got a free drink. We were pretty excited...but we realized that we only wanted one in the first place...and then we had three...
We. Are. So. Weird.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yesterday, Today, Eternity

Yesterday. Yesterday I found a video that made me think a lot on what I put my focus on. Why I am I so concentrated on other things, the world is distracting that's why. Worldly things are tempting, but there's a bigger focus and I am now more confident than ever that the world is not for me. 
Today. Today was great. Beautiful sunny day and I found out I got a really good grade on my english paper. Good job Amy. Also, I had a great talk with Shaina, a girl I met through Campus Crusade. Talked about life and how adorable little children are. 
Eternity. Eternity is...??? Who knows? But I know I'll be spending it in Heaven. So there devil, TAKE THAT. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This Is Me Being Inspirational

Life here at EWU is always about learning something new. Thing with me is I don't like people to know that I don't know how to do something. So basically I find a way to make it look like I know exactly what's going on when really I have no idea. Take for instance, getting food from the cafeteria. See my strategy is to observe what other people do and copy them, but in my own way so it looks like I know how to do it. So when I have no idea where dirty dishes go..I see someone walking with their dirty tray and I say "Oh I'm done too!" and get up to follow them to put my tray away. That's my learning something new in my own secret subtle way :)
Anyway, college is all about observing. I am a people watcher, not to sound creepy, but I like watching how people act and then I try to gain an understanding of what their life is like and what kind of person they are. But I like to try and figure out what their motives are, and honestly what kind of person they want to become. There are lots of interesting people around here. In my Women's Studies class there is a girl who sits quietly by herself reading and usually brings pop tarts to class. (Which is totally unrelated.) But she doesn't talk to anyone nor seems to want to give an effort to do so. I try to sit next to her every day so that maybe someday there can be an opportunity for me to talk to her. If she wants me to or not. As my sister says: She looked like she needed a hug. There was a time I was sitting next to her class and she abruptly brought out a notebook that looked like she was keeping a diary. Me being the nosy person I am, caught a glimpse of some of what she wrote. I will not repeat what she said since it's private to her, but I will say that the class full of girls that are primpy, and stylish, and consumed with theirselves was not something she preferred and it seemed as though she had placed a label on them. It caught me off guard, I felt a little disturbed that she could be so judgmental and in a way hurtful. But I felt more empathy for her than ever. And so began my determination to be a friend to her. She seems a quiet soul and I don't know the story of her life, but she's a person that could use a light. I want to be a light. 

There is a candle in every soul
Some brightly burning, some dark and cold
There is a spirit who brings a fire
Egnites a candle, and makes his home

Carry your candle
Run to the darkness
Seek out the helpless, confused and torn
And hold out your candle
For all to see it
Take your candle and go light your world

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun...

The weather up here has been absolutely wonderful. Seriously, sun every single day and light breezes. It's like spring. So maybe we won't have a winter..wouldn't that be nice. I'm sure one of these days winter is just gonna hit us and we are all going to cry like little children. Cold is not my thing. I like warmness :)

Not a whole lot of adventures. Basically college is college. Homework, friends, work out, eat nasty food, take a trip to spokane.
Althoughhh it was Miss Briana Martens' 18th birthday yesterday! We took a trip to best buy so she could get a cover for her ipod and ended up spending a lot of time near the Bose headphones..because they're amazing. We enjoyed our time trying to talk to each other when we had the headphones on since we couldn't hear anything. It's hard to read lips. 
Briana and I later just decided to relax. So we ate another piece of red velvet birthday cake and watched Jim Gaffigan. Briana even made this delicious iced chai tea. yummy :) I told her she could be a barista. 
AND to top off a fantastic night..(here comes sarcasm) we were chillin' watchin' that wonderful Jim Gaffigan and the fire alarm goes off. Sooo we had to leave the building. We were gonna leave but we decided just to meet the rest of the building where we were supposed to..and so we watched the sexy..ahem i mean dedicated firefighters show up and hop out with their axes and go inside. All of about five minutes later they come out and we were allowed back inside. So lame. Oh well I'm over it, all around good day :)

Taken with Briana's new iPod touch!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beginning

I'm startin' to get the feel for things around here at Eastern. It's fun to have somewhere new to be and taking on new responsibilities and learning to live on my own. I've been waiting for this time in my life for so long and now that it's finally here it's difficult to comprehend that this is where my life is really going to start. I've become more and more excited to learn new things and to be able to have the feeling of not having to rely on anyone else but myself. I'm an independent person and I'm overjoyed that I can truly express that here.

So, with that said i would like to be unserious. Well okay no, that's a lie, what I am about to say is very serious and if you laugh..well..I made my first cup o' tea. And it was quite tasty if I do say so myself. I considered myself pretty talented to have accomplished such a goal. 

Yay me!
(Oh and to clear things up I did not mean that this was the first cup o' tea that I've made, ever. I just meant in my new dorm. ha) 

Anywho, today was the first day of classes! Pretty exciting, and it will stay that way until i get stressed out with the workload. I'm going to make a goal not to fall behind and procrastinate. I will let you know how that goes...

I am ecstatic about two of my professors and they will probably make my life better. Better in the fact that they won't ruin my life when I attend class by being fun-suckers. They are actually fun..fillers? Yes, they like fun. And so do I so they are my good list.
Besides my 250 person psych class, and the fact that the teachers actually want to be there, and attendance isn't too strict...the structure of the classrooms are similar to high school. But college is definitely wayyy better.
Really startin' to love college life. But i miss my sister! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Adventure

So for my first update I'll tell of the last two days. It is where my epic adventure begins:

My bound for Cheney began at 6am Friday morning. The plan was to be out of the door at 7:30. It's okay, my momma decided doing dishes before we left was an extreme priority so we were really close to our departure time...yep we were on our way at 8:15! 
Two hours later, we arrived in Cheney and soon I was all set up in my dorm room!

Orientation requirements soon began. Most of which are extremely pointless but I get credit for them so who honestly gives a hoot if it's boring or not. Or if you get up an hour early for them to tell you you didn't need to go to something. Eh, I'll get it over it. On the bright side i am getting to bed earlier...

First football game of the season! We beat Montana, our rivals, 36-27. Exciting!! We might actually do well..

The Inferno!

Anyway, lifes movin' forward now and things are lookin' pretty exciting. And the best thing about my new college roommate listens to country :) who-da thunk??