Monday, December 27, 2010

Logo? :)

So I've been wanting to make a logo for quite some time now for my photography.
I got Photoshop for Christmas, 
So I'm putting it into good use :)
This is what I came up with...

Some people thought that the first one looked like marijuana, which made me sad... :(
So I made a yellow one too.
I actually think I like the yellow one better.
But I like them both.
I hope you do too! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas :)

Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' birth.
The gift God gave us.
As for the reason we give gifts.
To show love for one another and to honor the gift of Jesus.
It's wonderful :)
I love giving gifts!
Everyone's reaction is so worth it :)
Of course I have fun with the gifts I receive, but giving is where it's at.

A very important gift to me was my purity ring.
Sadly, I lost my previous one in the snow at school :(
Don't ask how it happened. But it's gone and it was weird not having a ring on my finger.
So I kindly asked for a new one to keep that symbol of my purity.
I love it :)

On the inside it says "I will wait for"
and then on the outside it says "my beloved."

Love. Love. Love.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Every Christmas our family makes sugar cookies and decorate them however we please.
I always seem to take a long time to decorate mine.
I get an average of five cookies while the rest of the family whips out ten.
I like to make them artistic!
So sue me.
It's fun though, one of my favorite traditions for sure.

Here's one I'm most proud of :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Been A While...

I haven't updated in a longgg time.
I've been busy! 
So here I am.
So, life's good. How about yourself?
I'm a smiley kid lately. 
My camera is still somewhere being fixed.
Last week I went to Portland with Briana, Jessi, Laura, and Megan to go see Brea at Multnomah and such :) it was a fun-filled day!
Lots of memories and it was so great to spend time with awesome close friends.
I love them all to death.

Starting to miss school a little. Weird huh?
Still enjoying the time I have with family though.
Christmas in 4 days!
Yay for Jesus being born :D

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mountain Dew Obviously Makes You Hyper

So Annika had a surprise party for her friend.
She came back hyped up on sugar and caffeine from 3 cups of mountain dew.
She had some extra streamers.
So of course we hung some up to make a smiley face.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Soooo we re-arranged our room!
It took a lot of work.
And I did all the heavy lifting stuff while Annika stood and stared me.

It was successful though and we like it a lot better.
Our room is clean now too. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010


So basically.
It's 2 am.
Given, it's a friday night.
But i'm tired.
And it's hard to go to sleep with our noisy neighbors.
But it's alright.
Gives me time to...think.

So question.
What in life makes you happy?

Surprisingly this can actually be a difficult question for some.
For me, God is the center of all happiness.
He gives direction.
Sometimes I admit it's hard for me to spend time with Him.
I forget, caught up in daily things.
But it's important that I do.

Family. People I can turn to whenever life's beatin' the crap outta me.
Photography. Another thing that makes me happy. My passion.
Good friends. They tend to stick around me for a long time. I'm lucky.

When you really think about the life that you have, I know you're blessed because everyone is in one way or another. Keep in perspective what makes you..YOU.
Don't hesitate one bit about who you are.
God made you who you are and He has that plan that He will lead you to.
Trust. In. Him.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let's Not Be Unhealthy

One of the things that bug me is being unhealthy.
I don't like to eat things that are bad for you.
But fries honestly is the exception...don't know why..they just get me.
But besides that! I don't eat unhealthy.
Annnnd, I try to exercise on a regular basis.
But I have a confession:

I didn't work out for two weeks! Ah!
My excuse is that it was Thanksgiving so I was home for one week.
Thennn it was cold and didn't wanna walk to the gym when its snowy...
Yeah my excuses ain't too good.

BUT. I worked out today :)
SO. This is where I get back on track.
And winter quarter I signed up for fast fitness. 
That means I get a grade for exercising.
Done deal.

One week until Christmas break!

Hmmm..that means I should work out every day until break...