Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun...

The weather up here has been absolutely wonderful. Seriously, sun every single day and light breezes. It's like spring. So maybe we won't have a winter..wouldn't that be nice. I'm sure one of these days winter is just gonna hit us and we are all going to cry like little children. Cold is not my thing. I like warmness :)

Not a whole lot of adventures. Basically college is college. Homework, friends, work out, eat nasty food, take a trip to spokane.
Althoughhh it was Miss Briana Martens' 18th birthday yesterday! We took a trip to best buy so she could get a cover for her ipod and ended up spending a lot of time near the Bose headphones..because they're amazing. We enjoyed our time trying to talk to each other when we had the headphones on since we couldn't hear anything. It's hard to read lips. 
Briana and I later just decided to relax. So we ate another piece of red velvet birthday cake and watched Jim Gaffigan. Briana even made this delicious iced chai tea. yummy :) I told her she could be a barista. 
AND to top off a fantastic night..(here comes sarcasm) we were chillin' watchin' that wonderful Jim Gaffigan and the fire alarm goes off. Sooo we had to leave the building. We were gonna leave but we decided just to meet the rest of the building where we were supposed to..and so we watched the sexy..ahem i mean dedicated firefighters show up and hop out with their axes and go inside. All of about five minutes later they come out and we were allowed back inside. So lame. Oh well I'm over it, all around good day :)

Taken with Briana's new iPod touch!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beginning

I'm startin' to get the feel for things around here at Eastern. It's fun to have somewhere new to be and taking on new responsibilities and learning to live on my own. I've been waiting for this time in my life for so long and now that it's finally here it's difficult to comprehend that this is where my life is really going to start. I've become more and more excited to learn new things and to be able to have the feeling of not having to rely on anyone else but myself. I'm an independent person and I'm overjoyed that I can truly express that here.

So, with that said i would like to be unserious. Well okay no, that's a lie, what I am about to say is very serious and if you laugh..well..I made my first cup o' tea. And it was quite tasty if I do say so myself. I considered myself pretty talented to have accomplished such a goal. 

Yay me!
(Oh and to clear things up I did not mean that this was the first cup o' tea that I've made, ever. I just meant in my new dorm. ha) 

Anywho, today was the first day of classes! Pretty exciting, and it will stay that way until i get stressed out with the workload. I'm going to make a goal not to fall behind and procrastinate. I will let you know how that goes...

I am ecstatic about two of my professors and they will probably make my life better. Better in the fact that they won't ruin my life when I attend class by being fun-suckers. They are actually fun..fillers? Yes, they like fun. And so do I so they are my good list.
Besides my 250 person psych class, and the fact that the teachers actually want to be there, and attendance isn't too strict...the structure of the classrooms are similar to high school. But college is definitely wayyy better.
Really startin' to love college life. But i miss my sister! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Adventure

So for my first update I'll tell of the last two days. It is where my epic adventure begins:

My bound for Cheney began at 6am Friday morning. The plan was to be out of the door at 7:30. It's okay, my momma decided doing dishes before we left was an extreme priority so we were really close to our departure time...yep we were on our way at 8:15! 
Two hours later, we arrived in Cheney and soon I was all set up in my dorm room!

Orientation requirements soon began. Most of which are extremely pointless but I get credit for them so who honestly gives a hoot if it's boring or not. Or if you get up an hour early for them to tell you you didn't need to go to something. Eh, I'll get it over it. On the bright side i am getting to bed earlier...

First football game of the season! We beat Montana, our rivals, 36-27. Exciting!! We might actually do well..

The Inferno!

Anyway, lifes movin' forward now and things are lookin' pretty exciting. And the best thing about my new college life...my roommate listens to country :) who-da thunk??